InteliSwab® detects Omicron subvariants including XBB.1.5, BQ.1.1, BQ.1, and XBB.1 Read More.

Travel Confidently
with InteliSwab®.

Get verified COVID-19 test results
for travel through our partner AZOVA.
Meets travel requirements for most destinations.

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STEP 1: Purchase InteliSwab®

Purchase an InteliSwab® kit before your trip.

Schedule a virtual appointment

STEP 2: Schedule Virtual Appointment

Schedule your video observation call within the timeframe that you need to take your test.

Telehealth call

STEP 3: Attend Appointment

At the time of your video call, you’ll be connected to a proctor who will guide you through running the InteliSwab® test.

Azova App Screen

STEP 4: Get Certified Results

After running the test, you will receive your validated lab report within 15 minutes.



1. Confirm Entry Requirements.

Check destination and travel carrier requirements for updates prior to leaving.


2. Pack Your Test. We Suggest Bringing a Backup Kit.

A few extra kits can help in case your travel plans change or a test gets damaged or lost. It will also be helpful in case you feel sick during the trip and want to test your travel companions.


3. Create Account.

Download the AZOVA App or create your account online. You will be asked to upload your photo ID and passport number (if you have one) during the registration process.


4. Schedule Your Appointment.

Check your destination requirements so you know exactly when you’ll need to schedule your test.